How to wash your towels, tips for taking care of your Terry House 100% high quality bath towels.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Towels

You’ve showered and your body is as clean as can be. Don’t ruin your clean with a dirty towel! You also shouldn’t trade that delicious feeling of wrapping up in a fluffy towel for the disappointment of a coarse, scratchy towel. Use our tips on how to get soft and clean towels to optimize your towel experience and treat your body well.

Maybe you know the towel-cleaning basics. There’s nothing like a freshly cleaned, warm fluffy towel that has just been washed & fresh out of the dryer, right? Taking care of your towels to keep them holding up and looking fresh is super easy to do. Here are some expert tips for cleaning and caring for your bath towels, hand towels and beach towels.
• The washing temperature is one of the essential things to consider when caring for your towels. Whether you want to preserve
the feel of your personalized bath towels or that of your face cloths, the optimum temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. While many believe that washing towels at 30 degrees is a good choice because it protects the environment and lowers the electricity bill, the reality is that towels carry a heavier bacterial load than your clothes, so they require a washing temperature over 30 degrees. Moreover, experts recommend using a biological detergent for washing towels, as it contains enzymes that can break down sweat, and these detergents do not work well at low temperatures.
• Always use the recommended detergent dosage. Extra detergent doesn’t get towels cleaner, but actually gets them dirtier! Too much detergent leaves behind a residue that will potentially leave your towels smelly and grimy. Extra detergent can also contribute to bacteria growth as well as coarsen your towels.
• Skip the fabric softener every third or fourth load. Fabric softener can inhibit the towel’s absorption. Fabric softener coats the fibers of the towels, meaning it’s harder for them to absorb water like they’re meant to. Vinegar can help with fading color.
• Wash your items on a cold, gentle cycle and shake items out between washing and drying to keep the wrinkles away.
• Try to separate your towels according to their color and use a detergent that contains optical brightening agents for your white towels, as they do a good job at boosting their vibrancy.
• Always be sure to wash your towels before you use them. Even though our towels have not been chemically treated, it’s just a good measure.
• Don’t wash sheets and towels together, it’s not good for either of them.
• Towels are made for soaking up water, but that doesn’t mean they should always be wet. After each use, the towel should be hung up to dry or placed in the laundry. Don’t let wet towels lie in a crumpled heap, or place one wet towel on top of another. Moisture will stick around, and odor or even mold could eventually follow.
• Maintain your towel’s fullness by fluffing, or shaking out, washed towels before placing them in the dryer and then fluffing again when you remove them.

Don’t let your towels undo your shower. Use these tips to ensure you’re always drying off with a soft, fluffy, and clean towel. It’s a small thing you can to do make everyday life a little nicer and more luxurious.
Everyone is different, so the “one towel fits all” idea is nonexistent. Remember that the larger the towel, the greater the absorbency. Having a great towel is one of life’s very simple luxuries. Only you know what you prefer most, but find one that your body loves. You’re the one who uses it every day!

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