Salon Towels

★ Size: 40 X 75 cm 

★ Weight: 120g

★ GSM: 400 


★ 1 PACK = 10 TOWELS 

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Best Selling Salon Towels ★★★★★

♥ Ideal for Beauty parlours, Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, Spa's & Gym's ♥

Bleach Proof Towels

VAT Dyed - Bleach Proof means that they are not going to fade of after use and washing and can withhold chemicals found in hair dyeing products.

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100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton

100% Pre-Shrunk Ring Spun Cotton Towels so they don't lose their shape. These towels are soft, lightweight yet tough enough to hold up for multi purpose use.

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Highly Absorbent

400 GSM weight makes them highly absorbent and soft. These towels are made with premium long staple cotton.

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Ideal Size

40 X 75 CM towels are made to be efficient and reliable, offering the kind of performance you would expect from a quality towel.

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