Where to get cotton bath towels

Buy Cotton Bath Towels

Find best cotton towels online? Firstly you must know about cotton bath-towels. Cotton is the most preferred material for towels. This is because, cotton towels are very absorbent. They are not made from any petro-chemicals, so they are good on skin and also as cotton is a natural source, these towels are made from a natural source and do not harm the environment. The best thing about cotton towels is that they are very soft, and thus loved by most of the people.

Cotton is a natural sponge and a material which is known for its absorbency. In addition, it is flexible and resistant to repeated washing. Bamboo towels have the advantage of being resistant, soft and actually more absorbent than cotton, but have the disadvantage of taking longer to dry.

A towel’s quality also depends on the natural fibres used to make it; they are what give a towel its softness. To be precise, the longer the fibres, the softer the material will be. The more they are flattened, the lower the quality of the towel. You can buy Egyptian cotton (its 4 cm long fibres make it the softest cotton in the world), cotton velvet (also soft but less absorbent), organic cotton (ideal for babies and people with allergies), honeycomb towels (less absorbent but certainly save space and are fast drying), carded or combed cotton (for its softness) or stretch-proof loop cotton (resistant – does not fray).

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