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They are soft, comfortable, and work hard to keep you dry after a warm shower. Yes, we are talking about towels, those long, soft, and cotton-rich pieces of apparels that have been the bathroom essential. Because towels offer a relatively painless and inexpensive way to complement or change the look of your bathroom, decorators say they’re a great way to have fun with design. Rather than trying to precisely match your towels to your wallpaper or paint, use them instead to draw out or accentuate the look you want. No matter what the bathroom backdrop, an abundance of bright, colorful towels placed around the room provides stylish punch.

If you tend to go through towels pretty quickly, or maybe you have a larger family, you may want to take a look at some cheap towels for your bathroom. However, if you love the feeling of wrapping up in a big, plush towel after a shower or bath, then keep an eye out for towels that are bigger and have a higher GSM (grams per square meter), as they are more of a luxury bath towel.

The towel has found uses in many aspects of our day to day lives from the bath sheets that we use to dry ourselves after a relaxing shower to tea towels that we use to cover hot dishes in the kitchen and everything in between; the towel has played a silent, yet crucial role, as an accessory of the household.
The first towel dates back to Turkey. A place still famous for them and since then, its utility has gained it widespread acceptance not just in households but in several businesses as well. Hotels, restaurants, salons, spas and bath houses have all used towels in one application or another.

For example, hotels have provided bath towels to their customers in bedrooms as part of the service, while tea towels, have been placed on dining tables in both hotels and restaurants so that customers have an elegant way of cleaning their hands and wiping accidental stains from their clothes. Bath sheets have been a customary part of the service in bath houses and spas, as have been salon towels in beauty salons. The nature of the uses of these towels have meant that they need to be regularly maintained since replacing them periodically isn’t possible at the retail prices they are usually bought at.

Everyone has a few bath towels in their linen closet that should have been replaced a long time ago. You know the ones they’re ratty, frayed, and barely absorb water. It’s hard to find new towels you love, so it’s typical to put off shopping for them for a while. Thankfully, there are plenty of great options for bath towels that are big, soft, absorbent, and will last you a long time. Whether you prefer a classic white towel or you like to brighten up your bathroom with a bold colored towel, there are many different varieties that will be perfect for you and your bath space.

Now shake the look of your bathroom by keeping attractive, bright-colored towels available exclusively at Terry House online towel shop. From hand towels to bath towels, beach towels and hair salon towels, all are readily available. Some towels are available in stripe design, while a few come in dark and bold shades of red, green, blue, brown, and others.

We are experienced in providing top quality towels wholesale, and even to retail customers for private homes etc. These towels are perfect for all households, and it’s without a doubt, any catering business and cleaning department will benefit hugely from such top notch products at such reasonable prices. Our promise is you won’t compromise with the condition of our towels as their discounted prices would suggest you’d do. Their appearance and quality is beautiful, even to look at as they make you want to rush out of the bath and into the warm, and comforting cotton our towels feature. These towels will add a touch of warmth and style to any bathroom, whether to impress your guests or simply to pamper yourself.




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